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Walking The Runway To Your Destiny

Becoming A Classy Woman or A Distinguished Gentleman is easy, it is an "Art Form. 

If it was for every Man and/or Woman, it would be very easy!

An ongoing series of informational entries

Men's Vests

April 24, 2019

For over fifty (50) years Faye has Designed and Dressed Men in the White/Blue Collar Sector. ODBFB has been dedicated to in helping men look and feel their best,  Shop from ODBFB's. Our collection for  Men is Unique; Distinguished.  Men's Clothing including suits, dress shirts, sport coats for the big & tall men; retail and custom created and ordered!

Dressing Your Feet with The Right Shoes

January 15, 2019

Find Your Shoe. After you’ve found your shoe and gotten your measurements, you’re ready to start buying shoes with ODBFB online. Although you know your measurements, only two sizes mater: right and wrong. 

If you are satisfied with your choice; you’re ready to start buying online. Although you know your measurements, only two sizes mater: right and wrong.
a 12 but your foot fits snugly into 12.5, then 12.5 is the right size.

Artist and Designer, Faye Gomillion

Evening Wear

February 14, 2019

After 5

February 14, 2019

A Walk for The Every Day Woman.

Black dresses never fall out of fashion; at any/every occasion a little back dress will always save the moment or day.  Wear a black dress with your heels, booties, boots or sandals. Every woman must have that perfect outfit, garment to impress her day; whether morning, noon or night always feel your best with your decision(s)? A pants suite to stand out; which make(s) a difference anywhere!

A Runway Look

Wearing a Runway Garment of Original Designs By Faye: walking suit, can help you dressed in a way that is completely adaptable and comfortable in a variety of social as well as professional daily life situations.

The Gentleman In You!

Men's Clothing including suits, dress shirts, sport coats for every men; retail and custom creations and ordered!

Men's ideals and his imagining look today
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The Woman of Yesterday & Today

Stylish & Unique Looks You'll Love, Women's Look for Yesterday and Today. 

Shop Now with Original Designs By Faye For Exclusive Offers! Free Shipping on Orders Over $75. Made in the USA. 24/7 Support. Trendy & Affordable. Come in today complete Your Look: Dresses, Gowns, Handbags, Hats, Tops, Sweaters, Skirts, Jeans, Lingerie.

ODBFB will not leave You stranded; ODBFB is always a phone call away!

Casual/Church Wear
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