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Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020 - Street Style (part one)

Original Designs By Faye Event Planner

Miss Frenchae' Hagler, Professional Model & Make-up Artist

Walking The Runway To Your Destiny

Fashion Shows & Events 2021- CASTING FOR MODELS. COMING SOON, TBA

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Walking The Runway To Your Destiny

Maintained a positive rapport with site managers and keeping communication open. Honed interpersonal and communication skills. Worked high class events as a promotional event model and use communication skills to work for many important people. 

Working In The Fashion Industry

Receiving criticism and feedback. Social skills. Teamwork: All professionals have to work in some sort of a group, whether they are working on team projects or trying to help a company achieve its mission. As a professional, you must possess the interpersonal skills required to get along with others.